My mind is set...

2013-12-29 09:32:20 by TheSoulOfTails


I have my mind set on making more music. More specificly 8 Bit Wonders. Of course, this is not

the only genre I will be making but most of it will be 8 Bit. 2014 Will be exciting for all of us,

For one, Carmageddon Reincarnation is coming out on early access, for two, I have many plans

for songs that have been eager to be in public. There's quite a few brickwalls refraining me from

having time to make music but that does not mean it's not gonna happen. I think the public

has waited too long to return to the retro scene and actually make something good out of the

long unsupported Sega Genesis and other systems of these eras. There have been 2 games I saw

to have been released in Cartridge form for the Genesis known as (Star Odyssey2011) and (Pier Solar2010)

Which might not be a "Really New Addition" because these are just translations to english because

they are indeed great games to get. And yes I have my own brewed set of Sega Genesis sounds

that I recorded to the highest quality possible out of this Genesis Model 1. I have more games

than what is pictured but I couldnt fit them all in the picture while keeping a good quality as I have

an outdated HD Camera which is infact not HD but over-pixelized as I call it, (Max 4000Pixels per 3000 Pixels).

See you all at my comeback in 2014!


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