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A Must read for the Linux Enthusiast/Linux Beginner/Low Cost Development/Low Cost Gaming Computer/Low Cost Media Center/Low Cost SuperComputer Cluster Build/Replacement for Desktop/Portable Desktop Computer (UPS) UPS means Uninterruptible Power Supply (Battery lasts 2 Hours of high computing and Low-to Idle ~4-5 Hours)

I've been using an ODROID for quite some time and I have to say...

It's DAMN much better than an Intel/AMD computer. Mine specificly became obsolete

due to a new revision of my board which includes a new power button, 1 more USB port and some GPIO Pins

aswell as the layout of the board. My ODROID-U2 is 48mm x 52mm. That's how small my SUPERCOMPUTER

is and taking more damage the next leading Intel/AMD Computer.(The U3 Is the new revision, Picture below is U2)


I've posted new source ports I made myself in my NGDump for all to grab if they have this kind of Hardware. ODROID U3/XU/X2/XU-e Lite compatible. As there is no link to my whole dump, you can choose from a list of source ports I made ready for you and write in comment section.

-1.ARanyM Emulator : An Atari Emulator ~~~~~~ -4.Fake86 : A Dos Emulator

-2.Advanced Mame 1.2 : A Multiple Arcade Emulator ~~~ -5.Hatari 1.6.2 : An Atari ST/STE/TT*/Falcon* Emulator

-3.DGEN-SDL : A Genesis Emulator ~~~~~ -6.Keen Chocolate : A Source port of the Original Commander Keen

Although my ODROID specificly, cannot reach PC Performance unlike the other ODROID's sold by Hardkernel. On my own statistics, I can reach higher speeds and higher read/write rates than a fully upgraded Dual Core computer. The XU can compare to an I5 fully upgraded. The ARM Architechture reads data much faster and manages better than an X86/X64 computer. It can read data up to 880Mega Data Rate. SSD's also work with it along with an adapter.

These statements might not be everyone's point of view but from what I experienced, these statements are true.

You have to make sure to pick an eMMC,HDMI Cable type D and a PSU from Hardkernel and not third-party items

as you may be dissapointed. You can run the ODROID with a spare MicroSD instead of an eMMC but you will not get the full potential of your computer. I've been using this for more than a year now and I've been working on it, Playing full fledged 3D games, Flash games at full speed in High settings, Youtube 720P, XMBC Youtube 1080P (XBMC contains more than just youtube) There's really no stopping this computer! ARM is the future!

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Fish Food 5 Points

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02 - Escape the Mario pipe

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01 - Defeat boss

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01 - Execute a dash move (shoulder block or jump kick)

Rocky Rage 10 Points

01 - Use Rage move on level 1

Child Chomper 5 Points

01 - Eat kid

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