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Help on my site

2008-11-23 13:23:44 by TheSoulOfTails

Hey People. i need help desperatly like now. im starting to think that my site is a complete failiure.
i need artists, music makers, programmers and moderators 2. go to www.projectsonic.tk and register (register and pm me for being moderator and also 1 admin needed also pm me for the admin needed.) i do not ask any fees of any kind (not even a donation!). so please guys i need your help. (must like sonic if you dont and just wanna be a mod or admin its ok i dont care i just need help).

Thanks for your time... (PLEASE..........)


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2008-11-26 03:23:03

I recently read your review for "Sonic Epilogue Full Movie" featuring that song "Break You Open" and I really appreciated your exceptional support for my latest review; most of the time, I usually have my reviews being voted helpful. I am actually touched to hear a government offical agree with me (no joke). I have been a sonic fan ever since I started playing the first Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Sega Genesis.
I would like to help you with anything I can, but I am really not sure how I can help you in any areas except for ideas. Is there anything I can do to help you?

TheSoulOfTails responds:

a lot. there is a lot you can do. just read the pm i sent ya


2008-11-26 03:31:24

Don't listen to that dork Wartooth118; he's just one those people who hates Sonic.

TheSoulOfTails responds:

i know